The original brass Spot-on Sundial was designed by Piers Nicholson and introduced to the market in 2001. Since then, customers all over the world have bought them as presents for big occasions or simply for their own pleasure. This innovative creator is at the forefront of Sundial design, unifying modern ideas with an ancient solar timepiece to create exquisite sundials full of individuality and character that can be read to within a minute or two. Spot On Sundials can be engraved with a personalised message to give a lasting gift for that special occasion.



Finding The Time Of Local Noon

Finding Your Latitude and Longitude

Reading Your Sundial

Choosing The Correct Sundial

Setting Up Your Sundial

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Choosing The Correct Sundial

Caring For Your Sundial

Universal Polar Sundial
Brass Spot on Sundial
Universal Polar Sundial
Brass Spot on Sundial With Natural Weathering
Spot on Sundial (Square Base)
Brass Spot on Sundial With Natural Weathering


I have been interested in sundials for 35 years or more, ever since I attempted to make a sundial from a vertical post stuck in the ground and found it didn't work. Later, when I found out why it didn't work from a book in the library, I started making painted wooden sundials...

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