The standard 27 cm. Spot-On Sundial is a 25cm dial on a 27 cm. square base plate incorporates the exclusive "line of light" at every noontime.


The design is copyright © Piers Nicholson, 2019. Each dial is unique and engraved with its own serial number on the side of the baseplate.


34cm Spot-on Sundial (London Model)


The dial plate is 32cm. in diameter, and stands on a base plate 34 cm. square. The height to the top of the gnomon is 13.5 cm, and the dial complete weighs 5.3 kg.

The base plate has 4 fixing holes to secure the sundial to the plinth or other horizontal mounting surface; the dial plate, after it has been oriented correctly is locked down with the central screw. This prevents the dial plate being knocked out of alignment, and also protects the fixing holes to prevent pilferage.